Thomas Bruce Mills - “Lest We Forget”

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MILLS Thomas Bruce WW1 Service History

MILLS Thomas Bruce WW1 Service Record
National Archives of Australia -28 Pages 2.7MB


Extract from ‘Millbrae and its Founding Family’ by May Mills

Tom (Thomas Bruce), enlisted early but was fated never to get away. In those early disorganized days of recruiting, he, along with many others, contracted, at the Mitcham Camp, that dread disease CEREBRO-SPINAL Meningitis. No Serum was then available and Tom died. Gone were the days when in neighbouring milking stalls (there were no milking machines then) we whiled away the time in discussions at to what should and should not be done to put the world right; gone were his dreams of becoming a lawyer and a figure in the land: and gone was our fine young brother. That bright, strong boy of twenty was buried in the family burial ground at Blakiston, near where his pioneer grandparents rested.